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Ethics Policy

Ethics Policy 

Llanelli Herald is striving towards Transparency and doing our work with Dignity in all our affairs that we are attached ourselves with. We are governed by principles and are guided by the holistic principles that are contained in our code of ethics and which we share here thereafter.


The founding purpose of the Llanelli Herald was to bridge the gap between the mainstream media’s reporting and the public’s understanding by providing an alternative source of information. Additionally, our aim is to counter the spread of false or misleading information that often arises from the rapid dissemination of breaking news.

To achieve our goal of becoming the most dependable news outlet on topics of utmost importance, we adhere to ethical principles.

Ethical Principles 

To achieve our goal of being the most reliable platform for news and information on important issues, we have established the following principles:

  • ● Serve as an impartial platform for dialogue, allowing individuals from diverse backgrounds and political affiliations to discuss and address the most pressing issues.
  • ● Provide the most accurate and relevant information available when reporting on a particular issue.
  • ● Give proper credit to sources when necessary and refrain from any form of plagiarism.
  • ● Strive to present balanced, unbiased, and logical perspectives on issues.
  • ● Maintain a clear separation between business interests and editorial decision-making, ensuring that editorial decisions are not influenced by commercial considerations.
  • ● Prioritize accuracy over speed when reporting on breaking news, and avoid speculation when sufficient information is not available.
  • ● Incorporate diverse voices into stories to ensure fairness and balance.
  • ● Publicly acknowledge and rectify errors and issue apologies as needed.
  • ● Clearly indicate when a story is an advertisement or advertorial rather than an editorial piece.
  • ● Remain steadfast in the face of pressure from those in positions of power, standing behind our editorial decisions in legal disputes or cases of harassment.