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Remembering Joshua Pringle What Happened to Joshua Pringle?

Joshua D.C. Pringle’s life continues to inspire many in Muskegon, Michigan even after his passing on October 24th 2019. Born June 18, 1979 to Dan Pringle and Patsy Adkins, Josh’s journey as an athlete, coach, car salesman, family man and church member resonates deep within the Muskegon community he so greatly impacted.

Who was Joshua Pringle?

Joshua Pringle led an eventful life, marked by his passion for outdoor pursuits and sports. A life-long hunter, fisherman and golfer, Josh found peace and spiritual nourishment through nature’s embrace; outdoor pursuits were not simply leisure pursuits to him but instead meant drawing closer to God which he held close throughout his lifetime.

His passion for sports extended far beyond personal enjoyment; he dedicated himself to coaching youth in football, basketball, and baseball – though baseball was particularly close to his heart. Affectionately known as Coach Josh, he not only imparted baseball techniques but also imparted valuable life lessons that his young athletes still use today. His humorous yet lively nature made him beloved both on and off the field.

The Legacy He Leaves Behind

Josh left behind an indelible mark on those whose lives he touched, particularly through his role as a family man. Devoted husband to Renae Pringle and loving father to Kaleb, Brayden, Josua, Bryce Antonio Jayce and Elianah who comprise his family he took great joy in. Their love was boundless as seen throughout his life and will remain so as his legacy lives on in their memory.

Professionally, Josh was known for his integrity, humor and ability to light up any room he entered as a car salesman. His colleagues remember him more than simply as coworker; they remember him fondly as more of an old friend who brought positivity and laughter into their workplaces. Unfortunately, Josh’s untimely departure has left an empty spot in many hearts but his spirit will live on through those that remember him fondly.

A Community Mourns and Celebrates

Josh left an indelible mark on his community, as evidenced by the visitation and service held at Calvary Church in Fruitport, Michigan. Family, friends, and acquaintances came out not just to mourn but to commemorate a life that brought light into their lives. Pastor Keith Sandison captured Josh’s spirit during the service with an inspiring eulogy that addressed his faith, love for family members, and commitment to his community.

Josh was remembered with love, laughter, and an unquenchable zest for life at Fruitport Eagles Luncheon on March 11th. Attendees shared pictures and memories on a memory board created a beautiful mosaic of Josh’s joyful moments of life. Not just an occasion of mourning but an event to commemorate an extraordinary life well lived with love, laughter, and an unquenchable zest for living – something which many will miss dearly at their loss.

A Legacy of Love and Laughter

Joshua Pringle may no longer be with us physically, but his legacy lives on in those who knew him best. He taught them about family values, living a passionate life with purpose, forming lasting connections within communities – his love for his family, coaching passions and infectious laughter have left an immeasurable mark upon those whose hearts he touched over his lifetime. While people of his community continue to remember and celebrate his life; Josh Pringle stands as an unforgettable reminder of just what an impactful influence one person can have over so many lives.

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