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Who Is Tony Romo Wife, Candice Crawford? Here’s All We Know so Far?

Tony Romo, the former Dallas Cowboys quarterback, transitioned seamlessly into a successful broadcasting career, captivating audiences with his insightful commentary alongside Jim Nantz. Beyond his professional achievements, Romo’s personal life, particularly his relationship with Candice Crawford, has garnered significant interest. Candice, a former beauty queen and journalist, brings her understanding of the spotlight to their relationship. This article delves into their journey together, from their first meeting to building a family, and the interesting connections they share with the entertainment world.

Who Is Tony Romo Wife, Candice Crawford?

Tony Romo’s move from the football field to the broadcast booth was notable, but so was his transition from being a bachelor to a family man. Romo, who had previously dated celebrities like Jessica Simpson and Carrie Underwood, met Candice Crawford in 2009. Crawford, born in Lubbock, Texas, and raised near Dallas, graduated from the University of Missouri with a journalism degree. Her career path and Romo’s interest in sports broadcasting seemed like a match made in heaven. Before meeting Romo, Candice had already established herself as a sports broadcaster in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area and was recognized as Miss Missouri during her college years.

Their relationship blossomed quickly, leading to their engagement in 2010. The couple’s connection was not just based on mutual interests but also on a deep understanding of each other’s lives in the public eye. Candice’s background in journalism and her experience in the limelight as a beauty queen complemented Romo’s career and public persona.

A Wedding with a Touch of Cowboys Spirit

In May 2011, Tony Romo and Candice Crawford exchanged vows, marking a new chapter in their lives. The wedding was a grand affair with a unique Cowboys-themed reception, paying homage to Romo’s career with the Dallas Cowboys and Candice’s upbringing in Dallas. This event symbolized not just their union but also their shared love for the city and the team that had been a significant part of their lives.

Since then, the couple has welcomed three sons: Hawkins Crawford in 2012, Rivers in 2014, and Jones McCoy in 2017. Romo’s enthusiasm for fatherhood is evident, as he once expressed interest in expanding their family further, possibly hoping for a daughter. The dynamic within the Romo household reflects a blend of sports, entertainment, and a strong family bond, with both parents actively involved in their children’s lives.

The Crawford-Romo-Chace Connection

Candice Crawford’s family ties add another layer of intrigue to their story. Her brother, actor Chace Crawford, is known for his role as Nate Archibald in the popular teen drama “Gossip Girl.” Chace’s involvement in the entertainment industry, with roles in films like “The Covenant” and “What to Expect When You’re Expecting,” and the series “The Boys,” connects the Romo family to Hollywood.

Interestingly, Chace Crawford and Tony Romo share a unique link through Carrie Underwood, whom they both dated at different times. Chace once shared a humorous anecdote about Candice and Romo’s first date on “The Rich Eisen Show,” revealing Candice’s request for their parents to hide when Romo came to pick her up, showcasing the family’s lighthearted nature and strong ties to the Cowboys.


Tony Romo and Candice Crawford’s story is more than just a tale of a sports star and a journalist finding love. It’s a narrative filled with connections to the worlds of sports, entertainment, and media. Their journey together, marked by shared passions and understanding of life in the public eye, makes their relationship unique and endearing. With their strong family values and ties to the entertainment industry through Chace Crawford, the Romo family continues to captivate both sports fans and the general public alike.

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