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Who Is Laura Malo? Survivor Of Hamas Terror Attack On Tribe Of Nova Music Festival In Israel!

Once again, our world has been horribly disrupted by an act of extreme violence. On October 7th 2023 at Tribe of Nova Music Festival intended as a source of unity, joy, and hope in Israel became instead an eventful nightmare that haunted countless attendees; this piece explores this terrible event’s meaning as well as one survivor, Laura Malo’s experience.

Who Is Laura Malo?

Hailing from Colombia, Laura Malo had made Israel her home and embraced the vibrant culture and life it offered. Laura found joy and peace through music; DJing allowed her to showcase it and connect with people through rhythmic melodies. For Laura, music wasn’t simply an outlet – it served as her sanctuary, expressed emotions freely and provided access to new worlds. It was this passion that led her to the Tribe of Nova Music Festival, a celebration she believed would be a night to remember, and sadly, it was, but for entirely unexpected reasons.

What Happened to Laura During the Attack?

The Tribe of Nova Music Festival was more than just an event. It was a testament to the human spirit’s resilience, unity, and love for life. As music filled the air and hundreds danced under the gleaming lights, tragedy struck. Laura found herself amid a terror attack orchestrated by Hamas.

The immediate aftermath was chaos. With her instincts kicking in, Laura and her companion decided to flee, banking on her phone’s navigation to guide them to safety. Their path led them to a kibbutz where they mistakenly believed they would find refuge. Instead, they were met with a soldier’s gunfire, the origins of whom remain a mystery to Laura.

As terror heightened, Laura’s escape took a dramatic turn with a car crash. With no option left but to proceed on foot, she and her friend took shelter in an abandoned greenhouse. Their hideout became their world for 16 hours, where every minute seemed endless and every sound from the outside world amplified their fears. With missiles and motorbikes roaring in the distance, Laura contemplated making a final call to her parents, a testament to the gravity of the danger she felt.

Against all odds, the duo survived, and in the cover of darkness, embarked on a perilous journey to safety.

The Impacts of the Attack on Laura’s Life

Trauma has a lasting imprint on one’s psyche. The harrowing events of that night have deeply affected Laura. While she was once eager to attend music festivals and be a part of larger-than-life celebrations, the incident has made her apprehensive. The sounds of missiles, sirens, and the mere recall of that night’s events are enough to trigger bouts of anxiety.

Laura’s physical distance from her loved ones – her parents and her home – has further exacerbated her emotional turmoil. Still, her spirit remains unbroken. In her messages to communities worldwide, she emphasizes the importance of unity, resilience, and solidarity in the face of adversity.


The Tribe of Nova Music Festival attack is a grim reminder of the fragility of peace and the persistent shadows of terror. While geopolitical tensions continue to simmer, stories like Laura’s highlight the human cost of these conflicts. As she went from celebration to terror and ultimately survival is an amazing testament of human resilience. While society grapples with larger implications of these attacks, it’s essential that individuals affected bear these tragedies with support.

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